Monday, October 11, 2010

Make A Homemade Book Of Your Kid's Artwork

In my last post I wrote about 7 Things To Do With Your Kids Artwork. One of those ideas was to create a homemade book. Here's the how-to....
You'll need:
2 pieces of stiff cardboard
2 large sheets of paper
Ribbon or String (4 pieces each approx. 23 inches long)
Something to cut with (Scissors/Paper Cutter/Cutting knife)
Hole punch (or something to pierce holes)
Paint (or other materials to decorate)
Masking tape
First thing we'll work on is the cover of the book. Take your two pieces of cardboard (I used the lid off a large, sturdy cardboard box) and cut them so that they are the same size. These will be the front and back covers of your book. Be sure that the cardboard you use is large enough to hold your child's artwork that will be going inside of it. Set these aside.
Now, we're going to get to work decorating! Take two large pieces of paper and gussy them up any way you want. These will be used to cover the back and front sides of the cardboard covers.

We used red and yellow paint for ours, but you can use whatever colors or materials you like (e.g. markers, stickers, pencils, crayons etc.)
Check out this hand print design we opted for. I figured when we look back on the book in many years we'll have those tiny outlines of our son's hands to remind us of how small he was when he made the artwork in the book. Also it's a great way to get him involved in the creation of the art book.

I wanted something a little different for the inside of the book cover so for the second sheet of paper I used a roller with red and yellow paint and painted straight (ish!) lines to decorate it (see below).
Once the paint had dried, I cut each of these large sheets of decorated paper so that I had 2 pieces of each design that were the same size as my cardboard covers (e.g. 2 sheets of the hand print design and 2 sheets of the roller paint design). I used a paper cutter but you could use scissors, or a cutting knife with a metal ruler. Do this one away from the kiddiwinks for safety.
Take one sheet of each of your decorated papers and use the glue to paste them to the front and back of each one of the cardboard panels.
Each of your cardboard panels should look like this once finished (below).... both covered front and back with each design of paper.

After the glue dries take the masking tape (or any other tape you have that works with your design) and wrap it around all the sides of each page, reinforcing the edges of the book cover.
...and that's it for decorating the cover pages!
Now we can get to work on making this look more like a book. We need to bind it. Measure out and mark 4 holes with your pencil, evenly spaced, along one side of one of the cover pages. These hole marks should be about one inch in from the edge. These will be the holes where you will bind your book with your string/ribbon. Using a pair of scissors, or a hole punch, pierce 4 small holes through the marks you made.
Now, take the second cover page and put it underneath the first cover page (that has the holes) - LINE THEM UP EXACTLY. Put the pencil through each of the holes in the first page and make 4 marks on the cover page underneath it. Take off the top cover page and punch holes through the marks on the bottom cover page.

Now you need to make holes in your child's artwork too, so that you can bind it. Take your child's artwork and position it between the cover pages. Line it up with the binding edge (i.e. the edge with holes in it).

Mark each piece of artwork with punch holes the same way you did the cover sheet (i.e. use your pencil through the holes in the cover sheet to mark out where the holes in the artwork should go ). Punch them through.

Eventually you should have several pieces of your child's work with holes alongside one edge that line up with the holes in the cover sheets. Now you're ready for binding!

Take your ribbon (or string) and cut 4 pieces, roughly 23 inches in length. I keep the ribbon pretty long so that I can add more artwork to the book, as and when it arrives.

Thread each length of ribbon through the first cover page, then through all the artwork enclosed and finally out through the last cover page. Tie it into a bow on the spine of the book.
Be sure not to tie the book too tight - you want to be able to open the book and turn the pages fully without it constricting, or damaging, the artwork enclosed.

The book and pages should be able to lie flat when open.
And there we have it!
Your fully bound Homemade Book Of Your Kid's Artwork!
As a finishing touch I added a small picture of a single hand print on the front of our book, with a sticker of the number 3 (my son's age when he made the artwork enclosed). You can personalize your book with your child's name, or give the book a title, or theme. The options are limitless!

Let me know if you try this one out. Would love to see your homemade art books!
Happy Ventures!

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  1. Hello Jackie,
    Inspired by your latest halloween crafts I went full speed ahead into a binge of Halloween crafts. Which simply means that I made 2 dozen of the 'spider on the web plate" pieces for my first graders' class. Their classroom wasn't decorated and I offered to add the creepy- crawlies. I enjoyed my activity thoroughly and my son did some too. We even gave some to his friends with directions on how to make them. So win- win.They are looking very nice at my house and in the class. Thank you. Great craft idea - simple supplies, easy to do with kids, quickly made so instant gratification in seeing your art. All good!


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